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About me

Talia Schiff, MPH
My Philosophy
  • Women are strong and birth is a normal process of life

  • Evidence-based practice guides decision making

  • You are your own advocate in your birth experience

  • You are encouraged to make informed choices about your care providers, your birth setting, medical options, and birth attendees

  • It is important to support partners of labouring women, as they too need reassurance to decrease feelings of anxiety in order to be more involved in the birthing process

  • Working with a doula greatly increases your chances of a more fulfilling birth experience that ensures a more supported, respectful, informed environment

  • Though I do not make decisions, I will assist you before, during, and after your labor to make sure you and your partner are satisfied

  • I will never judge you or your partner for the decisions you make, I believe every person has their own choices and that we are all unique. My goal as your doula is to provide information, physical and emotional support, confidence, and comfort throughout the birth experience.

My Story

Hey Everyone! I'm Talia. I am a doula based in Oakland, California. I was born in California and raised by two loving, brilliant, hilarious parents. The topics of womanhood, sexuality, birth, and parenting were frequent items of discussion in our household. When I was around six years old, I decided it would be fun to draw pregnant women. I was fascinated from a very young age with the whole process of childbirth and the idea of two people coming together to raise a family. This desire to help women through such a vulnerable, beautiful stage of life motivated me to study women's health over the next 15 years. Having spent over 200 hours in Labor and Delivery as a physician shadow at Stanford Hospital, I realized how incredibly life changing working in this field can be. In 2014, I received my Masters in Public Health focusing in Maternal and Child Health. I am now studying Nurse Midwifery at the University of California San Francisco. 


I love this field of work because every birth is a gift and every family is unique. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping people welcome the newest members of their family. As your doula, I will support you and your loved ones by providing evidence based information, compassionate care, and emotional support as you move through your pregnancy, the birth of your child, and early parenthood. 

My Training
DONA Trained Birth Doula 

DONA, 2017

DONA Trained Postpartum Doula

DONA, 2017

Certified in CPR & First Aid

Medic FirstAid, 2017

Trained Lamaze Instructor

Lamaze International, 2017

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology

University of British Columbia, 2012

Masters of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health

University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014

Current student RN, Future Student Nurse Midwife, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner 

University of California, San Francisco 

"I can't think of someone who is better at facilitating honest, positive, and hilarious conversations about everything to do with birth/sex/life, and would trust her to be my own birth advocate without hesitation, and before anyone else I know" -Dasha Klebaner, MD Candidate and dear friend
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