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Client Testimonials

Ashley & Zach S.

"It was so helpful to have Talia supporting us. I felt like the physical help was key and the positive reinforcement was very important. She spent over 12 hours doing hip squeezes, other back/hip massage technique, and assisted in the shower (as well as guiding my husband through much of the same). She also provided calming elements like aromatherapy, LED candles, and reminded me to eat and drink. She also struck a good balance between offering advice/guidance and deferring when necessary to the Drs/nurses." -Ashley

Bracha and Oscar E. 

Talia Schiff was the doula at the birth of our second daughter in June of 2017. Talia was accessible and professional from the first moment we met her. She coached us through the end of our pregnancy, helped us prepare a birth plan and guided us to be mentally prepared for birth. During the birth, Talia arrived to the hospital just as soon as we needed her (she even came out for a false alarm the day before). She came armed with aromatherapy, massage techniques, breathing exercises and even decorative lights to help maintain a calm ambiance through the birthing process. Her presence was calming and also extremely helpful. We would highly recommend her services. She is an extremely kind and dedicated doula and was a wonderful addition in the labor room.

Ashley and Zach

Ashley and Zach

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Talia is an amazing doula with warm demeanor and an obvious passion for her work!  From day one, she was supportive, reliable, and trustworthy. She was culturally sensitive, answered questions thoroughly, and her extensive knowledge of current research was helpful in supporting me through the pregnancy and preparing me for the hospital and baby care afterwards. Talia has also been very accessible and responsive to phone calls and text messages at different hours, even making herself available in the middle of the night. 

Ruthie and Shimshon A. 

Talia with Clients Ruthie and Shimshon

I first met Talia during a Meet the Doulas night through Alameda Birthkeepers. I was immediately drawn to her warmth, energy, kindness and sense of humor and thought to myself that she would be someone I would definitely like to have with me during my labor and delivery. Luckily, my husband and I wound up hiring her the day before I unexpectedly had to be admitted to the hospital due to preeclampsia. What seemed very chaotic and confusing ultimately felt more based on safe and informed decisions due to Talia's knowledge, encouragement and kindness. Talia's presence before, during and after the delivery of my son was invaluable and I know she would be an amazing doula for another family in the near future.

Joanne and Scott V. 

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