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Doula Resources

Welcome! Finding what you need during pregnancy, in the postpartum period, and while caring for your newborn can be a challenge. Below you can find Brave Belly recommended products from Amazon, links to the latest research available, and informational articles that may help you in your decision making. 

Amazon Shopping List

Prenatal products

Postpartum products

Baby products

  • Spectra Breast Pump is an easy to use breast pump for breastfeeding mothers that is comfortable, customizable, and the most highly recommended breast pump by IBCLC's. 
  • Water Wipes for babies, hypoallergenic and fragrance free wipes for your baby's bottoms. 
  • Compression Socks are great for those pregnant persons who want to improve their blood flow and conserve energy in late pregnancy if they happen to be on their feet a lot. 

Latest Research Findings

Evidence on Doulas - Why Doulas are medically necessary 

Research supporting movement in labor - How changing positions in labor improves outcomes - Journal of Perinatal Education

Research on Skin to Skin - Keeping Mother and Baby Together - Journal of Perinatal Education 

Avoid Giving Birth on your Back and Follow your Natural Urge to Push - Journal of Perinatal Education 

Informational Articles

Addiction in Pregnancy and how that can impact your baby

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